2016 USDDN World Final

Congratulations to Our World Final Winners


Super Open Freestyle

  1.  Mona Konishi Hirai and Laika
  2. Andrea Rigler and Moxie
  3. Yasushi (Yachi) Hirai and Vega

Full Super Open results here


Super Pro Toss and Fetch

  1. Tracy Custer and Courage
  2. Kosuke Hirai and Jake
  3. Chuck Middleton and Bling Bling

Full Super Pro results here

Division II Freestyle

  1.  Mio Yoshioka and Roxie
  2.  Katie Baker and Rusty
  3.  Troy Mool and Jazmin

Full Div II results here

Pro Toss and Fetch

  1.  Chuck Middleton and Bam Bam
  2.  Chuck Middleton and ASAP
  3. Clay Farmer and Shade

Novice Toss and Fetch

  1.  Jennifer Davis and Echo
  2.  Paul Eberhard and Molly
  3.  Nick Donaldson and Stein

Junior Toss and Fetch

  1.  Gabriella Barris and Dally Boy
  2.  Lucas Fargoi and Luck